Friday News Roundup, Sept. 16, 2016

Hey rest of America. This is a story NJ knows well. Read & learn: CNN on the small business owners Trump never paid in full. 

Elizabeth Warren just requested a formal investigation into why the Obama administration did not prosecute Wall Street. 

Self-inflicted wound: After Bridgegate, Gov. Christie’s fortunes changed. 

Prying open the Bergen floodgates in LD37 following Gordon Johnson’s Phil Murphy endorsement. 

Screen Shot 2016-09-16 at 7.20.34 AMNext time somebody tells you we should go back to the good old days, make sure they’re more specific. Skeleton of teenage girl confirms cannibalism at Jamestown colony.

On Christie’s punch list: Cut funding, kill tenure, remove seniority protections, and expand school hours & days without any negotiations with unions, keep school open more days but without funding working air conditioning and without extra pay for teachers.


Did Hillary Clinton have a stroke in 2012? 

Understanding the kneel. Last week, a high school football coach and many of his players took a kneel during the national anthem. A hail of criticism and threats targeting them followed. Among the things worth reading on this: Understanding the kneel. by Brian K. Everett and Stephen Danley‘s post, on how a news columnist tried to belittle them all and couldn’t.

Would public option help stabilize NJ health insurance marketplace? With only 2 providers offering policies, a government-run insurance plan could spur competition and insure a wide range of choicesRight now, 9 of 10 New Jerseyans are covered. 

NJ bail reform is aimed at freeing those unable to pay even small amounts.

Indulge me. One of my favorite NJ political women is being recognized with a much-deserved award. Congratulations, Karin Elkis.


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