Wanna Vote “Someone Else”? This Week Provided A Bonanza

So we all know that the good folks at the Republican Party put Donald Trump on the NJ ballot for president of the United States, and the other good folks at the Democratic Party responded with their nominee Hillary Clinton.

The media tells us that these two are very unpopular, and that many voters will want to pick “someone else.”  Earlier this week The Green Papers reported a bonanza of new options from other parties and independents.  Go research, folks!

These are just the folks added to the ballot this week.  To see all of them, get the PDF from the NJ Department of Elections.

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  1. CreedPogue

    This is part of the “fun” of anonymous posters who have no accountability.

    WHY would we give free advertising to people who have no chance to win and can only be spoilers????

    1. vmars (Post author)

      Because it is news that there are people and parties who have been successful in collecting the signatures and dancing the dances needed to get on the ballot. Hiding that fact doesn’t change anything, and in fact insults our readers by suggesting that they’re not smart, reasoned or sophisticated enough to understand the point you made complete with CAPITAL LETTERS, scare quotes and three very telling yet extraneous question marks.

      Maybe you don’t view our readers that way, but we do.

  2. CreedPogue

    i have full confidence that bj readers, especially with all the encouragement they get from the writers on this blog, are completely able to see other choices.

    doesn’t change the fact that you are anonymous and lack accountability to anybody other than rosi.

    doesn’t change the fact that none of the “third party” candidates have any chance to win. the only thing they can do is be a spoiler.

    if the blog (or any of the writers) is taking an editorial stance in favor of dr. jill stein, then it would be in the interest of transparency to disclose that now rather than when the list of green party electors is published (for example) rather than pretend to be impartial like they did during the primary.

    that is still true in lower-case letters without any quotation marks or question marks.


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