Religious Bigots @ MVC Lose, Cost Public $75,000+

8THEIST license plate approved at high cost to public funds

Apparently the good folks at the MVC decided that declaring you do not believe in god or gods on your license plate would be “offensive”, and spend years of public money, personnel and resources defending this bigoted view.  Fortunately the courts decided that this was stupid and now Cumberland County’s Shannon Morgan will be able to drive around with an official state license plate that reads, “8THEIST“.

A settlement filed in federal court on Friday resolves a lawsuit filed in 2014 by Shannon Morgan. As part of the settlement, the state Motor Vehicle Commission also will issue the following vanity plates or “combinations that are substantially similar”: SECULAR, RATIONL, HUMANST, ATHEISM, GODLESS, HEATHEN, HERETIC, SKEPTIC, BLASFMR, REASON, EVOLVE, TRANS, LGBTR.TS, LGBTQ, PRIDE, QUEER, GAYPOWR, LGBTALY, FEMINISM, FEMINST, EQUALITY and 4WOMEN.

The commission will pay Morgan, who’s from Maurice River in Cumberland County, $75,000 to resolve her claim.

Morgan, after beign denied the 8THEIST plate, was able to register BAPTIST with no problem. NJ’s MVC had also approved  “Choose Life” license plate back in 2010, a patently political statement that is offensive to many.

This is the kind of stupid we don’t need in government, and the kind of stupid you wouldn’t have seen under a Democratic governor.

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  1. CreedPogue

    There is irony that AU asks a “Prayer for Relief” in the complaint. Which is a legal term.

    It seems that Christie’s MVC dropped the ball in failing to get back to Morgan since they allowed the ATHE1ST plate.


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