Tom Moran’s Lack of Self-Awareness

Bumped. Because vmars nailed it.  – Rosi

In a column today lamenting how the Christie administration — and in particular Mike Drewniak — treated the Star Ledger’s Tom Moran when he tried to get an editorial board with Christie, Moran comes up with this gem:

To my everlasting shame, we wound up endorsing Christie for re-election [in 20013]. Granted, it was mostly because we felt his opponent, Sen. Barbara Buono, was not up to the job. But leftist?

Want the truth about why Christie says no [to meet with the Star Ledger editorial board]? It won’t shock you. Christie is a bully, and like most bullies, he doesn’t like a fair fight.

He and his pit bulls know that New Jersey journalists can spot his lies from a mile away, thanks to all the practice. The national folks caught on just this year.

Here’s the thing: BlueJersey started getting the practice spotting Chris Christie’s lies way back in 2006 when Christie dropped subpoenas on Bob Menendez less than 40 days from the US Senate election, subpoenas that resulted in no findings and no actions.  And we got more practice in 2007 when US Attorneys were getting fired left and right, and the evidence showed that some who got fired were fired for not using their office for political gain.  You know, like dropping subpoenas on the Democratic candidate for US Senate a month out from an election.

Back in 2007, Tom Moran called us “conspiracy theorists who consider U.S. Attorney Chris Christie a partisan hack” as opposed to practicing spotting Christie’s lies himself.  Six years later, Moran — to his “everlasting shame” — endorsed Christie for reelection despite the refusal to meet with the editorial board!

And the implication in the above is that Christie avoided the ed board meeting because he thought Moran and his team would be able to “spot his lies from a mile away”, which is a load of garbage because who the heck would endorse a sitting Governor who you repeatedly saw, recognized and wrote about as a liar?  The Ledger did not.  They thought he had issues, but not as an inveterate liar.

That was just three years ago.  At that time, Moran and the Star Ledger and “New Jersey journalists” apparently had not learned how to spot Christie’s lies from a mile away.

Yet he’s crowing that he and his fellow NJ learned to spot the lies before the national folks.

Well, Tom.  We had you beat by another six, so an apology just might be in order.


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