Today at the State House: Pension Constitution Amendment Prayer Vigil, Lobby & Rally

UPDATE: A few minutes ago, NJ Senate adjourned without posting SCR2.


This morning started with a prayer vigil with several faith leaders and more than 200 members of two unions whose members’ future will be deeply impacted by decisions of NJ legislators, this governor and possibly New Jersey voters. Union members then fanned out to lobby legislators to stress the importance to them of a pension constitutional amendment. At noon, labor rallied outside the State House, with among others, senators Pat Diegnan (3rd video), Ronald Rice and Loretta Weinberg as well as Speaker Vincent Prieto. Three short videos, below. Workers are asking you to call Senate President Sweeney and tell him to post SCR2 (Senate Concurrent Resolution 2) for a vote today to put the pension constitutional amendment question on the ballot in November. Hat/tip to Estina Baker of CWA.

They say cut back…we say FIGHT BACK✊✊

Posted by Estina Baker on Monday, August 1, 2016

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  1. Marie Corfield

    Sen Sweeney sat on the stage at the NJEA’s February Legislative Conference and told our members he supported us completely and that this was our fight to lose. But we can’t even win if he doesn’t post the bill for a vote. Assembly Speaker Prieto was on that stage supporting us too, and his house has done its job. Time for Sweeney to walk the walk instead of just talking the talk.

  2. Debra Ann Del Sardo

    Please do what is just and right- our quality of life in our senior years depends on it- how will the state take care of all of us – it would cost the state much more- for many it is all we have – do the right thing the humane thing- the right thing thank you


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