News Roundup & Open Thread for Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Our Peripat(h)etic Governor

The same law firm that absolved Christie on Bridegate has successfully defended other big polluters.

Is it too late, or has the damage been done? Kim Guadagno distances herself from her boss.

The Christie/Sweeney Transportation debacle impacts workers as well as commuters.

This is what passes as good news for Christie: After nine credit downgrades, we are now treading water.

New Jerseyans in Rio

Pride of Maplewood. Community cheers the first American medalist to wear a hijab.

Pride of Old Bridge: Already in possession of a gold medal, Laurie Hernandez wins silver on the balance beam.

Pride of Union College: Track star’s summer reading will have to wait.

Other New Jersey News

Tonight: Hearing in Bordentown on the SRL Pipeline. Make your voice heard.

Tomorrow: Air Force pilots are in South Jersey preparing for their annual air show in AC.

This is how we roll in New Jersey: In the midst of a corruption probe, Mercer County Freeholders to vote themselves a retroactive raise.

Gambling with our Future: An on-line gambling alliance with neighboring Pennsylvania may be in the works.

Eye in the Sky: Bergen County rolls out unmanned drones to help first responders.

Preserving an Important Historical Site: Congressman Norcross is helping preserve a former residence of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr in South Jersey.

New Jersey’s Flying Cockroaches. [Insert your punchline here]



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  1. CreedPogue

    Most pay raises in county and municipal government are retroactive because they are done by ordinance.

    So, all you are doing is providing distribution to yet another cheap shot from The Trentonian which is their stock in trade.


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