Hillary Clinton ad – “Hat” – playing in a swing-state near you & using Trump’s #1 prop against him

I’d like to see Hillary Clinton use her big money-fueled ad budget to make her own case – why she’s running, what she’ll bring to the presidency, what needs she’ll address. Instead, with her own accountability issues a slow drip, drip, drip in the press and WikiLeaks damaging DNC credibility and showing an attempt by high-level apparatchiks at DNC to undermine the Bernie Sanders campaign for Hillary Clinton.

All in all, despite a well-orchestrated national convention, it’s been a problematic months for Clinton.

Still, she has a case to make – and even I can make that case, as a strong Bernie Sanders voter (and delegate) who is not voting for Jill Stein. I can make that case in my sleep, Clinton is ahead in the national polls, but Trump is gaining on her. It’s past time to end her practice of evading the press, and come out, answer whatever hard questions come up, and pitch her own case. To do anything less will not be presidential, and she needs to be presidential. She will be fine. She should not need to be protected from the hard stuff. And and despite health rumors that are clearly unfounded BS creeping into the press, Clinton generally gets a lot of press benefit of the doubt. I mean, a lot of benefit of the doubt.

But in the category of once again running as the not-Trump, this ad – “Hat” – makes the case of Donald Trump’s ignorance and hypocrisy on jobs very, very clearly and well. And unlike the last ad targeting swing-states – “Pledge” this one is playing in Pennsylvania (plus Iowa, Ohio, North Carolina & Florida) so we may well see it on our airwaves in NJ. This is “Hat.” And it uses Trump’s #1 prop against him beautifully (though his campaign may dispute that):

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