Buh-bye Donald Trump News Roundup & Open Thread for Friday, Aug. 12, 2016

Trump was even scowling during better times opening his NJ HQ. But now, there’s some nice symmetry that in the state where Trump stiffed small businesses who worked on his tawdry Atlantic City casinos, his campaign is now pulling up stakes and closing their NJ HQ – opened with much fanfare and 1,000 people back in May when he claimed New Jersey would be in play. Buh-bye.

Gun rights fans see Trump’s bizarre Second Amendment aside very differently than I do (or probably the Secret Service does). Saving his bombast for death threats on Hillary Trump now entertains the possibility he could lose.

Speaking of Trump, Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks has some words for country music fans for being fine with Trump threatening Hillary Clinton’s life when they all lost their damn minds 12 years ago yesterday when she simply criticized George Bush and his Iraq War.

A couple of Americans with the last name KENNEDY want Donald Trump to know political violence is no joke. 

And speaking of the gun folks, heres how the Second Amendment Society plans to fight the NJ stun gun ban.

U.S. won’t reschedule marijuana out of heroin and LSD’s category. Cory Booker had something to say on that.

On the fence about earned sick leave? Here’s something maybe you don’t know.

Why does @GovChristie hate @MMsChocolate and @ManischewitsCo Matzo?

If the weather cooperates, it will be raining meteors tonight, the Perseid meteor shower giving the best show in 10 years

Paul Mulching listens carefully at Christie pressers and something Christie let slip in one gives him a theory about how deep Christie’s involved in Bridgegate.

Stepien: New Bridgegate documents put Christie’s old friend back in the spotlight.

CD5: In politics you use any advantage you have. Josh Gottheimer wants you to know he can do something Scott Garrett probably can’t.

Cherry Hill Mall t-shirt vendor made unwelcome there for selling trees calling for an end to police brutality has gotten a sincere apology from the company. He’ll keep working with them now, but will be moving his business out of New Jersey.

9 people Christie won’t hire for Trump. Guv doesn’t have a good hiring track record, does he? These are names you know.

Medical Center & NJ politicians – perfect together?

Did the national elections kill the NJ pension ballot question? (Carl Golden)

Peter Harvey’s job as federal monitor of Newark Police Dept. How’s it going to work?

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