It’s hard to remember a time when a celebrity’s throwaway line generated so much political angst:

I like Bernie. I like what he stands for. I like what he believes. I like his policies. I like him. I think he would have made a fine president.

I understand the heartbreak of his supporters. They worked hard and they came up short. And it’s now clear the game was rigged, and that sucks. What happened with the DNC can’t happen again.

I also have my problems with Hillary Clinton, and I can understand why others do as well. While her critics from the right are unhinged, there are legitimate concerns about her record and her policies.

So I can understand why Silverman’s comment generated boos. I can understand why there is such frustration at the convention. I can understand the reluctance of some to vote for Hillary Clinton.

But let’s be clear about where we stand and what’s at stake:

Donald Trump is the Republican nominee. He can never, ever be allowed access to the White House. He has shown, repeatedly, that he is unfit for high office. He is a broken human being who has no ability to regulate himself. He makes outrageous statements about women, immigrants, Muslims, Mexican-Americans, and many others. He has already alienated our NATO allies in a way that damages our national security right now — imagine the damage he could do as president.

You can disagree with Clinton about anything; however, she remains one of the most qualified people ever to seek the presidency. She will appoint Supreme Court justices who will uphold Roe v Wade, and are far more likely to overturn Citizens United. She has signed on to a college-for-all policy and raising the minimum wage. She will not embarrass us on the world stage and will have credibility in foreign affairs. She acknowledges the reality of climate change.

Hillary Clinton is fundamentally different from Donald Trump, and she is the only candidate who can beat him in November.

Dr. Jill Stein is a serious person and should be heard. But she will not win. A vote for her and not for Clinton is a vote for Trump. I have yet to hear any argument to convince me otherwise.

Some might argue that electing Trump will send this country down a path so horrible that a true progressive will finally have a chance to win in 2020. For those of you making this argument, I ask you:

How many families with immigrant members should be destroyed to clear a path for a “real” progressive? How many more feet should sea levels rise? How many women should die from back-alley abortions? How many US soldiers should die in avoidable wars?

The price of a Donald Trump presidency is simply too high.

We need more and better Democrats. We need real progressives in the statehouses and governors’ mansions and Congress. We need them in leadership positions in the party. We need to continue Bernie Sanders’ political revolution.

But we also need Hillary Clinton to beat Donald Trump in 2016. Anything else would truly be ridiculous.


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  1. Rosi Efthim


    In fact, quite a lot of the strategizing down here at #DemConvention is about our leadership responsibilities as his delegates to have substantive, persuasive and conversations with Jill Stein supporters about this. And – important – conversations that do not malign, mischaracterize or insult her supporters – as Bernie Sanders supporters were insulted repeatedly by forces that were supposed to have shown neutral conduct.

    But here’s the thing: Green Party is not viable. Cannot raise, has no strategy to raise the money necessary for a campaign at this level. Green party messaging is not disciplined and veers sometimes toward anti-science. There is no history of ground troops for an effective field campaign, and Stein is not known enough to likely generate that.

    And – most importantly – Jill Stein has no training commensurate with serving as President of the United States, and – good on issues as she is, and a fine woman as she is – she has no demonstrated ability to actually be president.

    There are other reasons too. I will try to add to the thoughts you’ve started us out on later.

  2. JKWilson

    Well said. I also like Bernie and what he stands for, but a Trump presidency (with Chris Christie in a high-level position — maybe in charge of prosecuting “enemies of the state,” i.e., critics) scares the hell out of me. The danger’s too great to ignore, and I’ll do everything in my power to work to defeat Trump and his racist, fascist, misogynist agenda.

  3. CreedPogue

    A large part of the problem is “entryism” because Sanders’ “leaders” allowed people who are (notice I did not say “were”) Green Party supporters or simply leftists outside the Democratic Party to become delegates. Then, you act surprised when they act the way they do and talk the way they do. If someone voted for Stein in 2012 then the only way to get them to vote for the Democrat in 2016 was Bernie. When that inevitably failed because a majority of Democrats never favored Bernie over Hillary, then they were going back to make up Stein’s one percent of the electorate. But, the desperation to find people to be delegates meant that those are the people on the floor of the Convention making a ruckus.

    Asking the media to suss this out of course is hopeless because it takes away from their narrative of hoping for something exciting to happen.

    But, when you start with “the process was rigged” or act shocked, just shocked that people at the DEMOCRATIC National Committee would be far more supportive of the person who was already a DEMOCRAT, then you continue the counter-factual narrative that has been peddled all along by people who should know better.

    There are some people who make up a “Tea Party of the left” who act about as reasonably in their own way as the real “Tea Party” idiots. So, you get a candidate for the Vermont House (Andreas) who whines that Bernie didn’t get to talk until 10:30! You know, when the networks are actually televising the Convention!! She calls yesterday a Hillary lovefest even though many of the speakers were Bernie supporters. Rachel Maddow had to do a full fact-check on her.

    You are now reaping what you have sown. This of course while Vladimir Putin is doing everything he can to install his puppet in the White House!

    So, you need to fix your own mess because I don’t know what else anybody else can do to fix it for you. When people boo Sanders, Warren and Silverman, the only thing you can do is be adults and remind them that the only reason they are delegates is that Bernie had to APPROVE them in the first place. If they aren’t going to act as Bernie needs them to act, then they should be replaced. But, Bernie, Jane, and Jeff Weaver need to take the lead on that. Of course, that demands true leadership and loyalty to the higher purpose, so that probably won’t happen. The roll call will be INTERESTING!

    1. CreedPogue

      All I am going to say is that I have never been so happy to have my worst fears to be unfounded. I sincerely appreciate Senator Sanders stepping up to do the right thing and nominate Hillary by acclamation!

  4. ken bank

    Excellent post, I couldn’t agree more. The next step now is to elect more progressives, and Bernie has an important role to play starting with helping Tim Canova beat Debbie Schultz in the FL congressional primary, as well as other progressive candidates in competitive races. As to Jill Stein, she needs to put her ego aside and run for Congress instead. Perhaps move to Vermont and run for Senate when Bernie retires.

    Finally, I have to ask if you know what’s up with this Gulen character that Turkey wants to extradite for trying to overthrow their government. I heard he runs several charter schools in NJ. Is that true, and if so, how did that happen? He must have some political pull, that’s for sure.


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