Phil Murphy suggests Chris Christie quit his NJ job

Phil Murphy is making quick work out of a tossed-off comment made by Gov. Christie at the Republican National Convention. Christie, as you know, was passed over for the VP slot in one of the RNC’s more bungled episodes. slot but gets to keep his side gig preparing Donald Trump to be [snort] president. But wait – did I say side gig? Seems like Christie forgot he already has a job – a big one NJ selected him special to do. Twice. Murphy, who’d like to succeed Christie in that job just sent out an email quoting Christie’s own words:

“The job I want is the one I have: The Chairman of his Transition Committee.”– Governor Christie, 07/19/16 on MSNBC

Yeah, that was ugly. So Murphy’s inviting Christie to quit, since he’s not doing his damn job anyway. Pretty clever way to capture email addresses, given Christie’s south-of-30-percent Jersey approval rating and the fact most New Jerseyans can’t wait to get rid of him. Check it out.

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