News Roundup & Open Thread for Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Trumpmania – Or How Chris Christie learned to play second fiddle to Mike Pence

Chris Christie is disappointed that he lost out to Mike Pence as Donald’s Veep. But touts his position as leader of the Trump transition team. Would Christie be the power behind the throne in a Trump administration (a la Dick Cheney)?


Christie’s been called a lot of things, but now you can officially call him a bobblehead.

Hard to believe, but Christie lied. About Trump’s giving to Sandy charity.

What a difference four years make. Christie the enforcer (Stile)

Party boy. Chris Christie’s expression entering a convention party last night is priceless.

Duck dynasty. No, not that one.

The GOP Convention

Did you watch it last night? Their theme was “Make America Safe Again’, but I can’t decide whether the real theme was “Make America Hate Again” or “Make America Scared Shitless Again.” But the truth is America is safer than it has been in decades:


Melania Trump’s speech was the only one of the evening not peppered with hate and invectives. That’s because she used Michelle Obama’s 2008 remarks.

Blatant racism is alive and well in Cleveland.

Meanwhile, back in New Jersey

Dereliction of Duty – Christie’s absence from Trenton exacerbates the transportation issues in New Jersey.

Christie loses a cabinet member Labor commissioner steps down.

What is the most populous state capital without a Starbucks? Yup.

Is your flight delayed? You can thank the GOP Congress for sitting on a program that would modernize the air traffic control system and bring jobs to South Jersey.

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  1. JKWilson

    Christie’s “defense” of Melania Trump this morning — only 7% of her speech was plagiarized.


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