News Roundup & Open Thread for Thursday, July 14, 2016

NJ License Plate

If you like the turquoise waters off the Jersey Shore right now, thank a plankton.

Fulop’s proposed ban on outside campaign cash raises eyebrows. 

Busting a major canard of the tea party. A survey funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and analyzed by the Urban Institute, finds one of the scare tactics against Obamacare never came true.

Who you gonna call? The Ghostbusters of New Jersey. [I couldn’t resist].

Trump, Christie

Clinton v. Trump polling

Q-poll v. Marist poll: Hours after Quinnipiac Poll came out showing Trump up by a statistically insignificant 43 to 41 percent lead over Clinton, the Marist Poll was out showing Clinton 9 points up 45-36. Main difference? Clinton was less disliked in the NBC/Marist survey than the Q-poll. In Marist, she was viewed unfavorably by 55% and favorably by 39% (compared with 62% and 29%positive ratings for Trump). In the Q-poll, Clinton’s ratings were 65% negative and 31% positive. (and Trump who viewed less unfavorably, with 57% disapproving of him, 38% viewing him positively). Either way, both Clinton and Trump’s favorables are deeply underwater.

Under the Dome

NJ Public Worker Pensions

NJ Spotlight Roundtable: How do you reform a system that’s at least $44 B in debt and saddled with rising retiree healthcare costs?





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