People Are Tired of Establishment Politics

Especially here in South Jersey.

There was supposed to be a debate this evening between incumbent Congressman Donald Norcross and his primary challenger Alex Law. But at the eleventh hour, the event was canceled due to the organizer of the event finding hurt feelings with one of Law’s Facebook posts. In the post, Law claims that Loretta Winters of the Gloucester County NAACP insisted on a smaller venue, resulting in zero tickets being made available to the public. See the post below:

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 11.13.57 AM

In a Courier Post article, Winters is quoted to say that Law attempted to, “hijack the debate by engaging in campaign charades”.

As others have now said, and I agree wholeheartedly, there seems to be no hijacking involved. A congressional debate should be open to the public and as digitally accessible as possible in the year 2016. We have the technology!

And speaking of technology, there is the power of the screenshot. The Gloucester County NAACP stated that Winters received, “a barrage of bullying, harassment and intimidation from Mr. Law and his campaign.” If we are still only talking about the claims from the Facebook post as the source of bullying and attacks, I’m not quite certain I know what bullying is anymore?

But if we take a peak at the email correspondences that Law has provided within the comments on his Facebook post, I see nothing but painfully kind language being used while conversing with Winters and others. But, that’s just my opinion…

But what else, about this singular congressional race, reeks of establishment politics?

It could be the fact that Bernie Sanders’ NJ campaign Chairman personally endorsed Norcross, all while the Daily News alleges Norcross to be, and I quote, “ of the worst machine hacks in all of Congress..”.  In the world of politics, establishment politics and machine politics are synonymous, and it’s quite difficult to represent the political revolution that Sanders speaks of, and a machine simultaneously.

It could also be the super strange endorsement from President Obama, as Rosi wrote about yesterday. The President claims, “Donald has been there with me on critical issues before Congress in the last two years – and has always stood up for what’s right”, even though it has been fact-checked by Ballotpedia that Congressman Norcross has voted against the majority of NJ House Democrats more than any other. For the President to claim that Norcross has been with him on critical issues is, well, a joke, because Norcross was against the President on perhaps the most critical issue of the past year; The Iran Nuclear Deal. Norcross also voted in favor of the Keystone Pipeline, a key veto of Obama’s presidency.

It could also be the several endorsements of large PACs and associations, such as the Sierra Club despite the Yea vote for Keystone, and the NJEA despite creating a bill in the state senate (Urban HOPE Act) that effectively tried to end public education in the City of Camden.

Perhaps it has been more than $1.5 million dollars in mailers and attack ads that smells a little establishment-y. Perhaps it has also been the dramatic and sudden increase in public forum participation by the Camden County Freeholders and local state legislators, all featuring Congressman Norcross.

Perhaps the Philadelphia Inquirer sums this whole race up best. They say, in their endorsement of Law, “Democratic voters longing for a genuine departure from the entrenched political establishment that Norcross embodies should choose ALEX LAW“.

Heaven forbid an American election held a debate. Heaven forbid people engage in their democracy without a crew of ego-tripping, title-embracing pawns making you feel like dirt for doing so.


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  1. Timothy O'Neill

    what now you have a problem with

    D.I.N.O donny? wow he was acceptable when john wisniewski endorsed him. but bernie sanders or his campaign never uttered the “endorsement” word. so you alleged progressives up there can stick it…apparently you will never learn


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