Now happening on House floor

<< Update 4:15 pm Live video intermittently now on C-SPAN via Facebook – chanting “No bill- No break.” >>

AMAZING UPDATE to this. Rep. Keith Ellison, co-Chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, is reporting that the Republicans are not allowing @cspan to operate their House cameras, so @cspan is actually broadcasting @RepScottPeters Periscope feed.

Going on right now, a sit-in on the House floor by several members of Congress including Bonnie Watson Coleman of New Jersey and Rep. John Lewis of Georgia. Donna Edwards of Maryland is there, too. Eleanor Holmes Norton. Rosa De Lauro of CT is participating with a broken knee. They are refusing to allow Republicans to take back control of the session. They say they won’t leave till Speaker Paul Ryan allows a vote on guns. I’m so heartened to see this. Lewis, a few minutes ago, said “Now is the time for us to find a way to dramatize it, to make it real. We have to occupy the floor of the House until there is action.” There was prayer at the beginning of this, but congress members made clear that no moment of silence in Congress every time Americans get mowed down is an adequate response. Far more is expected.

In the wake of the Orlando gun massacre, Democrats want GOP leaders to agree to a vote on legislation that would prevent people on the government’s no-fly and terror watch lists from buying guns and expand background checks.

Republicans aren’t accustomed to this, and seemed caught off-guard. As one Democrat prepared to speak, the GOP lawmaker presiding over the chamber suddenly declared the House in recess and shut off the microphones.There are more than 40 Democratic members participating, and the protest is not to my knowledge being televised, because the House has not been formally gaveled into session. So, Blue Jerseyans, you know what to do. Share this photo to your people. Let’s get their backs. 


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