News Roundup & Open Thread for Sunday, June 26, 2016

RIP Ray Bateman

NJ statesman Ray Bateman, lawmaker who created county colleges, dies at 88 

Gov. Christie’s Racist School Plan

The New York Times editorial board takes Chris Christie’s Republican flat-tax school funding snake oil to task. One thing: we’d change “toxic” to “racist” in the headline.

And then our own Talaiporia weighs in.


Our roads continue to crumble as New Jersey’s gas prices go down slightly. Good thing our gas tax, which will have a regressive, not very fair impact on most residents, is coupled with a VERY FAIR kickback to the 400 wealthiest people in the state. Now where’s that “caustic” emoji?

And more from the Asbury Park Press: ‘Tax fairness’ or ‘deal with the devil’? Please, spare us the question-marked headlines. It’s a deal with the devil. Period.

And besides, the TTF replenishment proposal is a nonstarter. Never mind the egregious wealth transfer to the rich, but because it “provides no funding source for TTF beyond the current gas tax – all of which is needed to pay bond debt,” according to Blue Jersey’s Bill Orr: The Transportation Trust Fund: It’s a Cliffhanger

Fight for 15

…while nearly 1 million New Jersey workers struggle: 9 things you need to know about N.J.’s $15 minimum wage war

Christie, Trump

Chris Christie - vaxxerIf you suspend disbelief and forget about Donald Trump’s nativist, racist, xenophobic, pan-phobic presidential campaign, you can still enjoy Donald Trump’s campaign for being nativist, racist, xenophobic and pan-phobic! His recent appearance at the at the official opening of his golf course in Turnberry, Scotland, replete with the swastika-covered golf balls, was eerily reminiscent of Trump fanboy Chris Christie and his 2015 trip to England, where he came out as pro-choice … for vaccinations.

But we should probably enable belief and remember how dangerous Trump is as Gov. Christie is likely working with Trump on debate prep, scouting for adminsitrative talent, and providing fundraising capacity for the Donald. The Record’s Charlie Stile weighs in here: Christie lends gentle hand to Trump campaign.

The Race for Governor

As Phil Murphy lit continues to magically drop statewide, PolitickerNJ asks: As Primary Approaches, Can Fulop Crack South Jersey? 

Have a great Sunday, Blue Jersey fam!

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