News Roundup and Open Thread for Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Governor Christie seeks to alter or violate the NJ Supreme Court Abbott rulings with a new funding formula of $6,599 per student for each district.  He wants a “fairness” plan based solely upon student enrollment, without regard to a school district’s relative wealth or need.  His plan pits the larger suburban communities which would receive higher funding, reducing their property taxes, against poorer urban cities which would receive less money and struggle mightily to provide a “thorough and efficient” education.  Talaiporia says, in doing so he demonstrated the full extent of his contempt for public education.  Christie’s plan: Bold or botched – or both? (NJ Spotlight)

The two bills to replenish the Transportation Trust Fund were introduced Monday, and are now available on the legislative website.  The bills are S2411/A11 (27 pages) and S2412/A10 (82 pages).  Each bill has a brief summary at the end and has been referred to the appropriate committees.  A few subtle changes: puts a cap on how much the gas tax could increase and gives retirees a more generous break on their taxable income. (NJ Spotlight)

NJ Democratic delegates to the convention in Philadelphia, July 25-28. Here is the list with many familiar names including Rosi Efthim.

Chris Porrino, Christie’s former Chief Counsel and  active during the Bridgegate investigation, is sworn in as Acting Attorney General while awaiting confirmation from the State Senate.

Some stalwart New Jersey Republicans have no intention of breaking bread or breaking out their wallets for Trump at a breakfast meeting this morning. (Charles Stile)




An acccidental politician: Flemington man writes himself in on primary ballot, wins a position.

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  1. 12mileseastofTrenton

    Christie is Robin Hood in reverse. Kind of like legislative Democrats when it comes to the TTF plan.

    1. deciminyan

      Christie is competing with Sam Brownback for the title of Worst Governor in America.


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