Christie’s White Privilege Funding Formula for Public Education

Christie delivers plan to destroy any hope of equity in NJ Public Schools

Christie delivers plan to destroy any hope of equity in NJ Public Schools

Governor Christie announced his new funding formula proposal today and in doing so demonstrated the full extent of his contempt for public education.  We have witnessed for years Christie’s delight in demonizing public school teachers. Today we learn that he cares no more for the students of our public schools  – particularly the students of color – than he does about our teachers.

Under his proposal every student in every zip code will get the same amount of state aid – $6599.  It would be a windfall for most white suburbs and an unconstitutional attempt to destroy opportunity for students of color and our urban schools.

If Christie believes that every student, regardless of economic, social, academic or other challenges, deserves the same amount of state aid, let’s consider some other forms of fairness we should adopt.

  1.  Every child should go to school in a building as new and well equipped as the High Technology High School.
  2. Every teacher should be paid the same as every partner at Gibson, Dunn and Crutcher (you know, the firm that wrote that very expensive report about Bridgegate that could use a lesson from teachers on recording data and accountability).
  3. Garbage collectors should earn the same salary as the Governor – (They work a lot more hours – and in state – than the Governor and why should mess cleaners be paid less than the mess maker?)

Christie warned us.  Back in April he announced,“The most dangerous person in Trenton is a second term governor, term-limited ” he said. “On the way out the door, I am not going to kick the can down the road.”

Democrats are complicit in setting the stage for this proposal.  In their willingness to consider, for example, the estate tax repeal as a matter of tax fairness the Democrats have perpetuated the narrative that fairness means favoring the rich and leaving the rest behind.

Christie is right about one thing – he is dangerous.  And in today’s announcement, he exhibited a great likeness to Trump. And like we call out Trump for his racism, so must we for our Governor.

Governor Christie – your proposal for school funding is racist and offensive.   


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