Tax Fairness – Jersey Style

gas:estate taxIs Senator Sarlo serious?  When the Senator recently released his proposal to save the Transportation Trust Fund from going broke, he offered up a phase out of the estate tax a means to offset the gas tax increase.  Nothing says tax fairness – Jersey Style –  like charging everyone more for a gallon of gas while giving the wealthiest 4% a tax break by eliminating the estate tax.

Raising the tax on a gallon of gasoline to fund the almost depleted, but urgently needed, Transportation Trust Fund impacts every driver in New Jersey.  It especially will be felt by people working low wage jobs relying heavily on their car for work.  Home health care workers are a perfect example as they drive miles every day, home to home, to care for our family members who need assistance.  They will really feel the pinch at the pump.

But that is ok.  Senator Sarlo has it all worked out – he will offset that pinch at the pump but phasing out the estate tax.  It is worth noting that closest relatives to a deceased – parents, children, and spouses – pay no estate tax. But according to Senator Sarlo’s proposal – giving the distant relatives, friends, and pet poodles of mansion owners a tax break – is the fair offset to this gas tax increase.

Not an increase of EITC or an increase tax credit for miles driven. Nothing that will help the person who can only afford to put $10 in their tank so they can still buy food.  Nothing.

We have fallen way, way down the rabbit hole when this is the democratic version of tax fairness.

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  1. 12mileseastofTrenton

    Paul Sarlo is a total disgrace. But he’s only one of many in the senate Democratic caucus.

  2. danpreston

    We need better Democrats! I remain amazed that any Democrat would support a cut of any sort in the estate tax. And to propose it as an “offset” to a gas tax increase is not only insane, it’s obscene.


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