Quote of the Day: Let your freak flag fly

QotD today comes from ACLU-NJ Legal Director Ed Barocas, reporting today’s news that a municipal court judge in West Long Branch dismissed charges against Joseph Hornick there. In March, Hornick was ticketed and told his wish to fly TRUMP flags on a flagpole on his own property violated one of the borough’s ordinances. I’ve had some direct experience with municipalities offered friendly ACLU’s friendly advice that a local rule is unconstitutional, and watched them spend the taxpayers’ money defending what couldn’t be defended. We told West Long Branch on day one they were on shaky ground. And not just us. But it was ACLU-NJ in a position to actually do something about it. And they did, talking First Amendment to a borough that should have known better. This is ACLU-NJ’s Ed Barocas tonight on Facebook:

To quote others, a YUUUGE victory, as the ACLU-NJ represented a Trump supporter ticketed for letting his Trump flag fly. Well, we played our Trump card….It was THE CONSTITUTION! 

Let your freak flag fly, Mr. Hornick. That First Amendment is a pretty thing. Make sure your candidate intends to protect it, too.


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