#MakeChristieGreatAgain: Trump Headlining Christie Debt Retirement Rally

What does the presumptive GOP nominee do when he’s not fighting with Republicans who are going through the stages grief trying to accept he is new standard bearer for their party?  He comes to New Jersey of course to help his good friend Chris Christie retire his failed campaign debt:

As of the end of March, Christie’s campaign apparatus still owed $400,689 after competing in just two contests — Iowa and New Hampshire — according to Federal Elections Commission reports.

So for $200 a head, you can see Donald Trump in New Jersey before the primary.  That means attendees will pay more than they’ve already paid as a taxpayer for Chris Christie’s personal ambitions.  You can see the invitation above, where Trump tries to #MakeChristiegreatagain.


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  1. CreedPogue

    Are 2,004 people (plus rent) going to pay $200 to see a Trump rally when you can see them for free on TV??? 🙂


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