Kasich: The Ledger’s Last, Best Hope

As you know, tomorrow, April 13, is the last day you can declare party affiliation in advance of New Jersey’s June 7 primary election. For Blue Jersey readers, that means it’s time for the Democratic Party to fatten up its voter rolls so we can really turn it up in the November general.

But the Star-Ledger sees things another way. They’re calling on Democrats to switch to Republican and vote… AGAINST TRUMP.

Presumably for John Kasich, ’cause switching parties ain’t crazy. Switching parties to vote for Ted Cruz would be crazy.

As you pick up the pieces of your blown mind, consider a few memes that may help you process the logic of Democrats not voting for Hillary or Bernie, but for John and Not-Donald. Click on your favorite meme and download and share. Remember to credit your confounded friends at Blue Jersey!



SL_Republican_ALIENS SL_Republican_crying
SL_Republican_Sylvester SL_Republican_Boy

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  1. huntsu
  2. huntsu
  3. CreedPogue

    Because it is our responsibility to save the GOP from themselves! They will certainly learn their lesson that way!!

    Professor Danielle Allen of Harvard was peddling the same claptrap two months ago.


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