Both NJ Senators Have Positive Approval Ratings

Morning Consult has a poll out of all 50 states and the approval ratings of the US Senators serving there.  Bernie Sanders is the most popular US Senator in a home state with an 80 percent approval rate, which explains his primary win there.

Here in New Jersey both Bob Menendez and Cory Booker have upside up ratings, with Menendez 10 points positives over negatives and Booker a pretty awesome 28 points positives over negatives. Menendez only has a 42 percent approval rating (32% disapprove), with Booker riding high at 52 percent (24% disapprove). Both are at about 25% for those without an opinion.

Let’s have some fun — what do you think of these results, and why do you think Booker is so much more popular than Bob?

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  1. Nick Lento

    Menendez and Booker are both creatures of corrupt establishments. Mendez more so than Booker.

    They are popular in New Jersey because New Jersey is a machine Democratic State and we know that the Democrats are better than the Republicans in terms of their policies in general so we tend to elect Democrats to Congress and to the Senate but the problem is that both the Democrats and the Republicans are beholden to the big money interests and the interests of wealthy people and powerful people who contribute to their campaigns and who make it possible for them to be elected in the first place and those obligations results in politicians who enact policies that accrue to the benefit of the people that gave them the money more than to the benefit of the people who gave them the votes.

    The reason for this is that it is the money that enables them to acquire the votes.

    This kind of corruption is 100% legal. Even if money doesn’t necessarily buy a direct quid pro quo… Money buys access and that is the most benevolent interpretation one could put on the status quo.

    It is interesting that out of all of the people out there reading what I am writing now I suspect that there is not one in a hundred it doesn’t already know that what I’m saying is completely true. I bet if you asked a hundred people in the street about their opinions on New Jersey politics the vast majority of them if pressed would acknowledge that it is rigged and fixed and corrupt.

    Of course it doesn’t have to be like this. Each one of us has the opportunity to speak out and to more informed and more active and to run for office and to struggle to make a difference to improve things in a more Progressive Direction.

    Sadly the vast majority of us, most of the time… are too passive and lazy and Afraid to make the efforts and take the risks required to change things in a truly transformative manner…so the most greedy and the most aggressively ruthless amongst us wind up in power.

    Thank God that on rare occasions we are blessed with the capacity to break free of our habitual patterns and actually do something outside of the box that results in changing the course of history for that course be on a relatively small personal level or a seemingly great National level every such moment is profoundly magical and profoundly important.

    Here is a scene from a movie that was never given the proper the recognition it deserved… of course it is a Darkly comedic and somewhat cynical perspective but it is entertaining and does raise important points along the way.


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