While Chris Christie is off playing with Donald Trump, Kim Guadagno attends NJ State Trooper’s funeral

Chris Christie, bored with you New Jerseyans and restless after his vacay in the sun, is making a naked attempt to stay relevant on the national stage. Right now, he’s in Hickory, North Carolina at a rally with his dominant, Donald Trump. Its a smaller event, and Christie and Trump are sitting on easy chairs on the stage, with Christie “interviewing” Trump. There’s not a lot of extra security and so far no violence has broken out that I’m aware of (I just turned on CNN). None of the violent behavior that characterized his rallies of the last few days – which, by the way Christie has neither condemned nor distanced himself from (obviously).

What is Kim Guadagno doing while Christie is off playing politics with Trump? Matt Friedman has the answer:

By the way, the trooper’s name is Sean Cullen. He was killed in the line of duty trying to help out with a car on fire in West Deptford a few days ago. He was from Cinnaminson. And he was only 31, with a 9-month old boy and expecting another child with his fianceé. And his fellow Republicans senators Anthony Bucco and Diane Allen plan to introduce legislation to rename New Jersey’s “Move Over Law” after Trooper Cullen, who was fatally struck by a passing vehicle.

Christie must have known that Cullen’s funeral was today. He’s the one who ordered flags at half-staff in New Jersey today.

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  1. jimlaregina

    Were the governor to attend Sean Cullen’s service it would be only advance his own interests. But right now, being the Lou Costello to Donald Trump’s Bud Abbott advances Governor Christie’s interests even more than it could to appear as if he cares about the trooper and his family.

  2. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

    “Lou Costello” LOL.
    Nice New Jersey reference!


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