Phil Murphy kicks off Town Hall series tonight in Hackensack

Some likely gubernatorial candidates issue clever bumper-stickers.

Some call foul on Supreme Court deals made during friendlier times.

Some guys want the state AG to make Christie refund the money he charged taxpayers for his bogus Bridgegate whitewash.

Some take point on challenging Christie’s sellout to Exxon, cheating the public of billions in settlement for environmental damages.

And some guys who see themselves succeeding our AWOL governor, who don’t happen to have an elected day job involving serving New Jersey right now, propose getting together for a series of convos about the New Jersey’s middle class, and Governor Christie who Murphy says should either do his job or quit. Phil Murphy is running the first of several Town Halls, with the first tonight in Hackensack – details here.

Murphy is doing a few of these over the coming weeks, among with glossy mailers and statements about everything from lead inspections to the minimum wage to Christie’s love affair with Donald Trump. All under the New Way for New Jersey banner, but it sure looks like a governor’s campaign to me. Murphy’s next Town Hall after tonight is March 31 at SOPAC with South Orange Village President Sheena Collum, billed as an informal discussion of strengthening our middle class, investing in infrastructure, supporting public schools, and combatting senseless gun violence.


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