On MSNBC TONIGHT: Another Bernie Sanders & Hillary Clinton Town Hall – a Doubleheader

Fresh on the heels of last night’s Town Hall from OSU featuring Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders (separately) answering questions, MSNBC is now getting theirs. And it only went up on the candidates’ schedules a couple dozen hours ago.

TONIGHT: MSNBC Doubleheader Town Halls before Key Primaries Tuesday
6:00-7:00pm: Bernie Sanders with moderator Chuck Todd in Columbus, Ohio
7:00-8:00pm: Hillary Clinton with moderator Chris Matthews in Springfield Illinois

Once again, like on CNN last night, Sanders goes first and Clinton has the last word. But look who’s moderating the Hillary Clinton segment:


Chris Matthews WTF Yup, that’s Chris Matthews, marching next to a Hillary banner last July 4th. Last month, Esquire called “flatly astounding” an interview Matthews did with Clinton, where he couldn’t have been any more obsequious – and as willing to distort Sanders’ positions – if he was on the Clinton payroll. In fact … Matthews, whose wife is running for Congress in MD8, faces pay-to-play allegations, a lot of ties to the Clintons and their major donors and plenty of accusations that he can’t possibly be fair in his coverage of the Clinton-Sanders contest. That’s who’s interviewing Hillary; a guy known for his softballs to Hillary. And so it goes.

Town Hall much? In the Town Hall format as you know, the candidates do not address each other, and aren’t even on the stage at the same time – in fact, tonight, they’re not even in the same state. Both Sanders and Clinton have done well in the Town Hall format, particularly when taking audience questions. And the discussions are weightier and more like grownups talking than the food fights we’re used to seeing on the GOP side. Last night, both candidates addressed the violence breaking out in Trump rallies, that both agree Trump is stoking. And Sanders dispatched with Trump’s opportunistic attempts to blame Sanders voters for the fracas. Most compelling to me is their very different answers on how they would beat Trump.

At stake in Tuesday primaries: Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Illinois, Missouri.

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  1. Sam

    Media and audience need to ask Bernie some tough questions about he is going to make college tuition free, how he can abolish campaign finance, how he will fight off wall street and how he will negotiate a more fair deal for American people. it is time media takes on Bernie Sanders on his fantasy ideas that will never get off the ground, even if he is elected as President. All media have asked Hillary lot of tough questions, some even attacking her personality. This is not fair to Hillary. Bernie has misled the youth in this country about the economy with his populist message, and Media needs to ACT soon to challenge and grill him thoroughly.

    1. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

      I think it’s factually incorrect to say that media have not put hard questions to Sanders, or have asked harder questions of Clinton. This primary campaign has been going on for – what, a couple decades now? (said the weary blogger) – and they’re both being vetted pretty thoroughly.

      The diary you’re commenting in is a post about the second Town Hall in as many nights with these two candidates; that’s an hour each last night with questions for Sanders, and Clinton on CNN, and the same couple hours tonight. My feed over at Facebook is full of people complaining they’re seeing too much of these people.

  2. Cristina Bonuso

    I just watched Hillary answer questions posed to her by the moderator and audience and she is just head and shoulders above Sanders and ANY of the GOP clowns running for president. Unlike Sanders, her answers are well thought out and articulated with examples and details, not just sound bites like her opponent. The other thing that struck me were her thoughtful explanations of how she has learned and grown in her decision making as her experience grows and times change. Bernie, on the other hand, is the exact same Bernie as he has been for 40 years–showing less insight and intellectual flexibility. His promoters call that consistency, but the reality is that Bernie has been cheering leading the SAME agenda of economic inequality since forever– to the exclusion of growing himself in other areas until very recently. As has been noted, Bernie is often against things before he even knows anything about them. For example, he has seen an international trade deal he doesn’t like–whether he has read the bill or not, despite the reality that our country has had to deal and cope with a growing global economy and all kinds of shifts in countries and their morphing economies. It is as if Bernie is stuck in a time warp and he just doesn’t get that you need trade and must learn HOW to deal with the other countries of the world. It takes work, but that seems to be his MO, rarely researching and writing bills, preferring to let others do the difficult work and then speaking up for them instead. This is also true of dealing with countries in conflict. Bernie unconditionally says don’t get involved, but he fails to entertain situations that might present themselves where nuanced thinking is imperative. Hillary beautifully explained why it is wrong to call her a warhawk and simplistically point to Iraq, Libya, Syria..etc. She convincingly explained why each situation was different and why the actions were smart or not. She rhetorically asked that if we had a chance to remove Hitler who killed millions of innocents, should we have? Another point that was made that is very important–why do youngsters support Bernie instead of Hillary? When we were all young students, we had little experience with the world and our views were much more simple and straightforward. With age comes experience and the world is no longer as black and white, it is more complex. Bernie speaks to them in simple, lofty phrases. They like that….but the world is much more complex as are its problems and solutions. Hillary is the one who acknowledges that and knows how to realistically look at the problems we all face. All of the nonsense talking points used against her were shown to be what they are–pure garbage. She was just spectacular. Very impressed. SHE is more than ready to be our PRESIDENT and take on the issues of racism, economics, foreign policy, education–you name it–she’s got this!!

  3. Salinas Phil

    Nice try, Cristina. You’re entitled to your opinion but I’ll take the candidate who makes the right decisions when they really matter over the more articulate candidate who doesn’t.

    Go Bernie.


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