NJ Dems weigh in: Chickens come home to roost on Chris Christie’s defending Trump’s remarks on women and abortion

Yesterday, Donald Trump fell off message big-time – telling MSNBC’s Chris Matthews that there should be “some form of punishment” for pregnant women who seek abortion (but not for men who get them pregnant) – and he tried to squirm out of it  probably right after his campaign texted to tell him he just lost the women’s vote. Christie, of course, immediately jumped in to help with Trump’s damage control, saying his candidate “misspoke.”

Today, the NJ Democrats weighed in. Christie, they point out, lacks credibility on issues relating to women, and has an awful record, particularly in defending his draconian cuts to women’s health services, and his obstruction of every effort to reinstate funding. NJDSC Chair John Currie:

“The Republican record of anti-women policies is appalling. Equally disturbing is how that party’s biggest personalities appear to be competing to see who can take the most offensive position and then mislead people about it later. Whether Donald Trump wants to punish women who obtain abortions or the doctors who provide them, he is out-of-line, and out-of-step with the country.”

The Dems suggest Trump fire Christie as his biggest backer, citing Christie’s history of cutting $7.5 million in funding for women’s health centers, which he claimed at first were for budgetary reasons, later bragging the cuts were an intentional decision. Currie:

“Governor Christie has proven himself to be on the wrong side of this issue for years. Time and again he has fought against critical funding for women’s health care and now, in his role as chief apologist for Donald Trump, the governor is attempting to defend the indefensible. Every time we think our governor has hit bottom he finds a way to dig even deeper. Governor Christie has failed in New Jersey and he has failed nationally. The only way he can attempt to stay relevant is to stand with Donald Trump and try to explain away his hateful rhetoric. New Jersey’s citizens deserve better.”

Chickens. Home. Roost.

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