Christie’s BPU Rubber-Stamps Pinelands Pipeline as Protesters Object

Despite a high number of public comments against a high-pressure natural gas pipeline through residential areas, near schools, and through the pristine Pinelands, the state Board of Public Utilities today overrode the objections of municipalities and approved the Southern Reliability Link. This follows on the heels of Christie’s hand-picked Pinelands Commissioner to shirk her duties and to allow the commission to approve the pipeline (which was once rejected) without a vote.

But it was not without objection. A group of protesters interrupted the meeting to state their case, and were escorted out of the meeting room by State Police.

Unlike what you see at Donald Trump rallies, the State Police acted professionally and courteously. They did their job, but also allowed the protesters to state their case – albeit to an empty panel, as the BPU commissioners hastily left the room when the protesters spoke up.

Below are videos of the protest and of the closing remarks by former lobbyist and current BPU President Richard Mroz attempting to justify their kowtowing to the dirty fuel industry.




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  1. Lois Seeligsohn

    This is an outrageous suppression of the public will. This pipeline is not clean energy and completely unnecessary. It destroys a crown jewel of South Jersey – the unique and pristine Pine Lands, a treasure to us all. Gov. Christie removed the deciding vote on this issue, and packed the commission with pro-pipeline hacks. He thumbs his nose at the people at his peril.


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