6K Signatures and Counting – Do Your Job or Quit

Phil Murphy has a new website, and it’s called DoYourJobOrQuit.com. The Intent of this website is to collect signatures and present Governor Chris Christie with the following message:


We have serious issues facing our state — but instead of doing your job, you endorsed Donald Trump and continue to travel around the country, once again putting your interests first and New Jersey last. It’s time for you to make a choice: Do your job or quit.


As of 6:45 P.M. this evening, the website had collected over 6,000 signatures from citizens all over New Jersey.

This sends a powerful message, especially as the numbers begin to really rack up. However, it is not a formal online petition to have the Governor recalled, and given the arrogance usually displayed by the governor toward constituents, he’ll probably think nothing of this letter. He’s too proud of an individual to step down, and the power-brokers-that-be still need him to be their “Yes Man”, believe it or not.

If New Jersey really wants Chris Christie gone, a recall committee must be formed, and 25% of registered New Jersey voters must sign a petition within 320 days of the notice of intention being approved.

I’m sure than more than 25% of New Jersey residents would gladly sign that petition now. The issues are 1) getting organized, 2) doing things by the books, and 3) doing it all quickly.


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  1. Michael Petti

    Do your job as NJ Governor or resign.

    1. Jeff

      Christie gave George E. Norcross and Stephen Sweeney the state to run years ago this is why we are in a shambles

      Christie never Guverned the state, Norcross does and alwaus has.

  2. CreedPogue

    You need to get 1.4 million signatures by June 30th to have a recall election on the November ballot.


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