Iowa Caucus Night: Why I’m Supporting Hillary Clinton for President

Unknown-1Loretta Weinberg is the New Jersey Senate Majority Leader. Next up, Assemblyman and NJ Campaignn Chair for Bernie Sanders makes the case to send Bernie Sanders t the White House. – Rosi

It’s finally here. The Iowa Democratic Caucuses are today and I couldn’t be more thrilled with our field of candidates for President.

There is certainly a lot to like about all three contenders. They’ve put forth big ideas for rebuilding the middle-class, creating economic fairness, improving educational opportunities for young people and improving health care. They would work to create a more unified country that embraces all people regardless of where they are from, the religion they practice or who they love. Hillary Clinton is the strongest candidate and the best person to serve as our next commander in chief and I am excited to tell you why.

Surely, we know there could not be more at stake in this election. Republicans are intent on stripping away the progress we have made and in taking this country backward. They want to repeal Obamacare, privatize social security and defund important programs like Planned Parenthood.

We’ve already seen our own governor take actions that were directly from the national Republican ‘playbook,’ by rolling back access to health care for women, blocking voting rights and attempting to deny equal rights to same-sex couples, not to mention the ‘gifts’ he’s given to large corporations.

Hillary Clinton is the only candidate who has the experience, the skills and the backbone to stand up to national Republicans on the important issues and to take the needed action to move our country forward.

As President Obama stated recently, she is smart. Her breadth of experience and policy ideas is far ahead of her rivals, as The New York Times noted in its endorsement of Clinton yesterday. And that comes not just from studying the issues but from living them and from working in the trenches.

She has spent a lifetime fighting powerful interests to help those who needed it most. As someone who has gone up against Big Tobacco to ban smoking indoors and the insurance industry to ensure 48 hours of hospital care for new mothers and their babies, I know the hard work, determination and courage that takes.

As a mother, now a grandmother, as an attorney, as First Lady and United States Senator, Clinton fought for improved education, pay equity for women and creation of the children’s health care program popularly known as ‘CHIP.’ She’s willing to stand up to the NRA to ensure strong gun reforms that will keep our country safe. And she knows that increasing incomes and protecting the middle-class from tax increases is key to helping families get ahead.

On international issues, she has the experience and the solutions to address the major problems that plague our country and the world, from defeating ISIS to bringing together nations to address climate change – one of the greatest challenges of our time. Hillary Clinton will build upon the progress made by President Obama and, most important, she will be prepared to address the issues that face our next president her first day on the job.

We are fortunate to have three candidates with big ideas for improving our country – I love that we are talking in this campaign about ‘big dreams’ – but it will take more than ‘big dreams’ to chart a course for lifting the nation upward in the 21st Century and beyond.

The Times aptly stated that, in Clinton, voters “have the chance to nominate one of the most broadly and deeply qualified presidential candidates in modern history.”

I am proud to support Hillary Clinton, someone who has ‘big dreams’ but also the ability to translate them into action. She is in the best position to become our Democratic nominee, to win the election, and then to be the next President of the United States.


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