TONIGHT 8pm: Dueling Town Halls. From Las Vegas, Bernie Sanders & Hillary Clinton. In SC, Trump, Bush & Kasich.


8pm: MSNBC Democratic Town Hall from Las Vegas. Chuck Todd & Jose Diaz-Balart. With Sanders & Clinton [MSNBC & Telemundo]

8pm: CNN GOP Town Hall from SC. Anderson Cooper with Trump, Bush Kasich. [CNN, CNN International and CNN en Espanol.]

MSNBC and CNN have dueling presidential candidate Town Halls tonight. Dems from Las Vegas on MSNBC and Republicans from South Carolina on CNN. I’m just flagging this for you, because these two live events were just agreed to by the campaigns and announced a few dozen hours ago; many people don’t know they’re happening. They’re part of 4 new candidate events negotiated and announced just this week. Half of these took place last night; Carson, Cruz and Rubio with Anderson Cooper on CNN, and on MSNBC Chris Matthews with Kasich, followed by Joe Scarborough & Mika Brzezinski talking to Trump.

All four new events are Town Halls; meaning candidates don’t engage each other, so the events are not required to be sanctioned by their parties. That’s key, as on the Dem side, DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz has come under considerable criticism for fewer debates, scheduled on low-viewership days compared to much greater TV exposure GOP candidates have, and for her first-ever decision to threaten to bar candidates from DNC debates if they participate in any non-sanctioned debates. Additional debates were added to the schedule after considerable pressure on Schults, who’s been accused of using her power to rig the primary for Clinton.

On the GOP side, last night CNN talked to Carson, Cruz & Rubio. Tonight, CNN talks to the other half of the GOP field; Trump, Bush & Kasich. For the Dems, MSNBC will talk with both Clinton and Sanders. It’s all at 8pm.

Here is Blue Jersey’s 2016 Election Calendar. It’s a work in progress, many updates. See something that needs to be fixed or added? Let us know in Comments.

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