Post Christie’s budget lecture Roundup & Open Thread for Wednesday, February 17, 2016

We have to wait to see the actual full-length budget, but after a long sojourn our governor is back with the short version – his Budget Address – seemingly earnest and trying to make nice, but still lecturing us with little changed in his policies and full of attitude. His opening remarks were tone-deaf when he tried to justify his absence and said thank you to the people of New Jersey for “allowing” him the privilege of running for President. He suggested he was in no rush to leave his post: “I intend to make the next two years great ones for our state.” Then he launched into his conservative principles of “fiscal restraint” and “advancing the hard reforms New Jersey needs.” Later he talked about budget items he would increase (good) but forgot to mention the cuts he intends. He also avoided talking about Atlantic City and his takeover plan.

Alex Law, a challenger in CD1, debates Rutgers Professor Stephen Danley in Blue Jersey on the value of an anti-Norcross campaign.

Legal memo gave Mayor Fulop go-ahead to take super PAC funds.

Discord grows over the PA’s midtown bus terminal. In the meantime Port to move forward with $6.2 billion in airport projects. Port Authority filing asks to keep Bridgegate materials private.

Senator Cory Booker’s new book United: “This book is about my political and personal awakening… It is my attempt to honor the best of our history and the truth of my mentors, and to share some of the ideals they instilled in me: empathy and connection, responsibility and obligation and the urgent need to act… a clarion call to our country: to find common ground, and to advance the common good by joining together in common cause. Or put more simply, to be united…” Nice sentiments in a time of so much division.

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