News Roundup & Open Thread for Thursday, February 25, 2016

No longer leading off the roundup with Chris Christie news because he’s become …  well, irrelevant.

Ed Potosnak, Exec. Dir of NJ LCV

Ed Potosnak, Exec. Dir of NJ LCV

Don’t Republicans breathe too? How did your elected federal representatives vote on environmental issues. Click here (then click on New Jersey) to see the scores they received from the League of Conservation Voters. (Hint: Most Democrats did OK, with our two senators along with Frank Pallone and Bonnie Watson Coleman getting perfect scores. Not so much for our GOP representatives. To no one’s surprise, Scott Garrett is bringing up the rear.

More municipal budget woes. This time in Paterson.

Verizon to rural communities where it has already removed reliable copper service:Drop dead!


Asm. Zwicker

What do gravitational waves, the New Jersey Assembly, and a virtually unlimited, clean energy source have in common? They are all part of my interview with Central Jersey scientist, educator, and Assemblyman Andrew Zwicker.

He wanted to handle Vladimir Putin, but can’t even handle the audience in an elementary school. Christie dodges questions and abruptly exits the stage while a school principal is in mid-sentence.

Juicy news of the day: The Rutgers tomato

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