News Roundup & Open Thread for Thursday, Feb. 18, 2016

This is going to blow Senator Bob Menendez’ head right off. Report: Obama to visit Cuba. First president to do so since Coolidge in 1928.

ACLU is pretty badass, y’all. Bergen County driver flips the bird at undercover cop, discovers via ACLU-NJ, the First Amendment covers that.

For a presidential candidate who bombed out, who’s just local news now, this might look better than Trenton: Why the Governor might appoint himself U.S. senator. 

This isn’t going away – and it shouldn’t. A group of 200 prominent NJ residents, including 3 ex-governors, a former Supreme Court Justice and 2 ex-Attorneys General are calling for the investigation into the deaths of John and Joyce Sheridan to be reopened.

Menendez: Obama ‘has every right’ to name Supreme Court candidate. Watch.

Phil Murphy, former Goldman Sachs exec, on Bernie Sanders: “I like him.” (But he’s a Hillary person).

Bridgegate: Feds fight news media request to unseal Bridgegate records.

At Politicker, Max reviews Cory Booker’s “United’ and finds it exceedingly good. 

From Bob Braun’s Ledger: Judge: State broke the law when it fired Newark attendance counselors.

Moran: Christie spits fire at Democrats, but he wants a deal.

What will a Trump lead mean for South Jersey’s congressional races? 

NJ lawmakers redo AC takeover, casino tax bills. 

Income inequality to be discussed at free event Thursday with Timothy Noah at FDU-Hackensack hosted by New Jersey Public Policy Network.

Why hasn’t firebrand Baraka supported firebrand Sanders? It’s all about restrictive NJ politics, not, apparently, national politics.

Feel the burger: Vegan restaurant in Millville names a dish for Bernie Sanders. 

Loretta Weinberg to financial industry: Stop giving to Rep. Scott Garrett. Weinberg sends letter to PNC, Allstate & others saying their continued support for the anti-equality Garrett sends a “disappointing” message to their employees and customers.

Rep. Don Norcross is again talking about wage fairness, first for raising the minimum wage to $15, now to paycheck fairness for women.

3 key issues in Christie’s budget and how they could affect you.


Surrounded by turkeys, mail carrier calls for help in NJ. Here’s the Turkey Terror audio. Listen.



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