Iowa Caucus Day News Roundup & Open Thread for Monday, Feb. 1, 2016

Unknown-1Happy Iowa Caucus Day. As Iowans get ready to hash out who they want to send to the White House, here at Blue Jersey we’ll have two of the best advocates in the state each make the case for their candidate; Loretta Weinberg for Hillary, and John Wisniewski for Bernie. 


Herb Jackson walks you through how the Iowa caucuses work. And Al Doblin reminds us about the America that presidential campaigns let the candidates ignore.

Ledger editorial: In Christie’s absence, NJ lawmakers tackle poverty. 

Stile: Iowa Gov gives boost to ‘friend’ Christie, but not an endorsement.

DesMoines Register poll: Christie is still at just 3% in Iowa.  And before the caucuses even start, he’ll be back in NH. 

Is another Christie surge coming in NH? 

Christie on Bridgegate from Iowa: ‘This was not a murder.’

The Guadagno factor: Under the old succession rules, before NJ had an LG – of Christie’s party – Senate Pres. Steve Sweeney would have been serving as acting governor, leaving him free to adopt his own legislative priorities, such as tax hikes on millionaires or larger public-employee pension contributions, without Christie having any say.

Inquirer editorial: Chris Christie, New Jersey’s tourist in chief.

Obama got serious on solitary confinement. But is NJ still torturing people? Black mold, bugs, isolation – even for those not convicted?

Must listen situation: Paul Brubaker talks to Matt Katz, in The Backgrounder podcast.

“If you build it, it doesn’t mean the customers will come” Economists, public policy experts urge caution on NJ’s casino fever. But is anyone with any decision-making power listening?

You knew this was coming: Menendez questions the NJ legislators’ trip to Cuba. 

Kill the Drill – Watch: Protesters say no to offshore drilling, environmental activists joined by senators Menendez and Booker and Rep. Frank Pallone. (warning: video with ad auto-plays when site is opened).

8 years in prison for 17 pot plants grown in the Pinelands. That’s the sentence a Mays Landing man just got … for growing plants.

The List: NJ schools with highest percentage of kids living in poverty. But don’t kid yourself, there are poor kids even in rich school districts.

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  1. Tom S-W

    Christie’s fundraising for the 4th quarter was rather anemic. He raised $2.95M and has $1.13 cash on hand.


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