I’m getting tired of paying Gibson Dunn to give money to Chris Christie’s campaign

Jonathan D. Salant has a piece in today’s Ledger tracking the top donors to Chris Christie’s presidential campaign. In Q4, the last three months of 2015, as he was ramping up fundraising for the early GOP contests, half of all his money – $1 of every $2 – came from just two states: New Jersey and New York. And the biggest source of campaign cash during that period? The law firm of Gibson Dunn & Crutcher, whose employees gave $65,000. The law firm hand-picked by Christie to “investigate” Bridgegate, the firm of his “dear friend” Debra Wong Yang, who bills the taxpayers for her hours “investigating” Bridgegate with one hand and hosts $27,000-per-person fundraisers for Christie 2016 with the other hand. The investigation  that so far has cost us $8 million, prepared with questionable professionalism, not even preserving the notes of any one of 70 interviews on the way to exonerating the governor.

The way this looks to me, and I could be wrong, is that we – the taxpayers – supported a very expensive whitewash of a report from a law firm that is now shown to be a huge Christie contributor — making me feel like we’re paying again for Christie’s run for president. First we get socked with the salary and security detail for an absentee governor (who has the audacity to tell others to do their job). And now we’re funding his super PAC.

It really stinks.

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  1. Loretta weinberg

    I couldn’t agree more. We are reviewing to see what our options are.

  2. CreedPogue

    The Legislature needed to insist that the Governor pay for his own security detail when he was campaigning like Scott Walker did. Now it is just posturing.

    1. Loretta Weinberg

      Thanks for you wonderful input Creed. It is always so helpful and full of insight!


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