Gov. Christie, always on the move, endorses Donald Trump

Today Christie, who has recently urged Republicans not to jump the gun with presidential endorsements, jumped himself into the fray by endorsing Donald Trump for the Republican nomination.

Christie, listed three reasons: 1) “We are friends.” 2) “There is no one better prepared, plus, he is a strong leader.” 3) “Most important he has the best chance to defeat Hillary Clinton.” The latter two statements of course are easily debatable.

His final sentence in the endorsement was particularly interesting. He said, “I’m happy to be on the Trump Team and I look forward to working with him.”

This suggests that although he said in his Budget Address that he planned to spend the next two years making New Jersey great, he may in fact spend a significant part of 2016 trying to make Trump great. Also, trying to make Christie himself great. The statement of looking forward to working with Trump suggests that there might be a post for Christie (AG?) were Trump elected president.

Christie has always been a man on the move. Matt Katz has a chapter in his book on Christie titled “A Perennial Candidate,” as seen in Christie’s early rapid efforts to become state senator (failed) state assemblyman (failed) and freeholder (succeeded for only one term.) He later was successful in being appointed New Jersey’s U.S. Attorney, despite his lack of qualifications, but thanks largely to friends and monetary donations. Here he sowed the seeds for his governorship.

As a young child he dreamed of becoming president (Katz). Now he appears to be taking a step that might get him closer to his ultimate goal, but further away from the job New Jerseyans expect him to perform.


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