UPDATED: #FITN New Hampshire Primary – Sanders, Trump win. Chris Christie 6th place

UPDATE #2: With 92% of the vote in, Christie is at 7.5%, 

UPDATE: NBC is reporting that while other candidates in both parties are announcing their road trips to upcoming states, Gov. Chris Christie is returning to NJ to determine his next move. The network reports that Christie is telling reporters it matters whether he emerges from New Hampshire in 5th or 6th place, an indication he may leave the race. With 68% of the vote counted at 10:44pm, Christie is still in 6th place at 7.7%, down from 8.3% from earlier tonight. Fox News is projecting Christie will not qualify to participate in the next GOP debate.  

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 10.42.43 PMWinners: AP has called the first in the nation New Hampshire primary for Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, both by wide margins.

Republicans: Chris Christie is projected to come in sixth place, behind second-place John Kasich, Jeb! Bush, and the twin darlings of the Iowa Caucuses Cruz and Rubio. Our governor, who spent all or part of 72% of 2015 absent from NJ (while collecting his full-time salary) is in single digits. Just behind Christie is Carly Fiorina, who was excluded from the last debate in New Hampshire. Their poor showing in New Hampshire now puts both Christie and Fiorina in danger of losing their spot in the next debate, which comes Saturday in South Carolina.

Earlier today, Christie was all game-face and hope springs eternal. New Jersey’s not remotely prepared to have him back.

Democrats: On the Democratic side, Bernie Sanders is projected to win NH. With 16% of the vote in, Sanders is at 58% with Clinton at 40%. Sanders represents Vermont, which borders NH. But Clinton is has been known there since 1990, when Bill Clinton ran for president. And NH was the state where Bill Clinton declared himself the Comeback Kid , and Pres. Clinton was in NH this week, on the attack against Sanders. New Hampshire was also a comeback for Hillary Clinton in 2008, when she won the NH primary in a much more crowded field of Democrats, after losing Iowa to Barack Obama.

Clinton was endorsed by NH’s Democratic governor Maggie Hassan and its lone Democratic senator, who used to be governor, Jeanne Shaheen.

Both key party officials and staff were up in NH for Hillary Clinton, and people organized by Working Families New Jersey and the Bus for Progress traveled north for Bernie Sanders.

Next Dem & GOP Debates & Voting: Next Dem debate is Wisconsin – Thursday. Next up in the voting are the Nevada caucuses (Feb. 20) and the South Carolina Democratic Primary (Feb. 27) . The Republicans’s next debate is this Saturday from South Carolina. South Carolina GOP Primary is Feb. 20, with the Nevada Republican Caucuses three days later on the 23rd. Blue Jersey’s 2016 Election Calendar. 

Looks like there may have been record voter turnout tonight in the Granite State. And looks like New Jersey’s last in the nation primary may actually be relevant this cycle. What are you thinking tonight, Blue Jersey?



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