Tuesday Jan. 12 State of the Union Watch Parties & Sunday Jan. 17 Democratic Debate Watch Parties

Tuesday Jan. 12 – Obama’s SOTU: Next Tuesday night is President Obama’s last State of the Union Address. I’ve  been rooting around to see if any of the Democratic presidential campaigns might be hosting their own events, as this president delivers what will be one of the last major speeches of his tenure, as current candidates study up how to be a president. So far, I see no SOTU events for O’Malley, Clinton or Sanders, though I’ve posted all 3 of their events sites below, because many Debate Watch Parties are coming for the next DNC-sanctioned debate Sunday January 17 (uh-oh Martin O’Malley, looks like you might not be invited).

Saturday, Jan. 9th 2:30pm Eastern –  The People’s Iowa Democratic Forum: Decisions by DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, criticized publicly by at least two of her vice-chairs and with calls for her removal from rank-and-file Dems have complicated the primary process, seen by many as orchestrated to favor and protect Clinton. DWS was Clinton’s co-chair during her failed bid for the nomination in 2008. With far fewer debates than the Republicans (reported as Clinton’s expressed wish) and with a new rule threatening to disqualify from sanctioned debates any candidate who accepts a debate appearance not sanctioned by DNC, candidate partisans and undecideds have just a handful of events where the candidates will appear side-by-side. And most of them (surprise!) are on weekends, when viewership is usually lower. But this Saturday afternoon, Iowa progressive activists have organized an event of their own, called Putting Families First. O’Malley and Sanders are confirmed to attend. Hillary Clinton is, according to organizers, “under great pressure” to attend,, but has not RSVPd. No network will cover the event. You can live-stream it here

Tuesday, Jan 12th – Obama’s State of the Union Address SOTU Watch Parties at OFA website (now also listed at NJDSC’s Facebook):

  • South OrangeThe State of Our Environment & the State of the Union (7pm)
  • MetuchenState of the Union Watch Party (7:30pm)
  • Cherry Hill: South Jersey State of the Union Watch Party in Cherry Hill (7:30pm)
  • ElizabethUnion County State of the Union Watch Party (8:00pm)
  • CliftonNorth Jersey SOTU Watch Party (8:00pm)
  • WaretownJersey Shore State of the Union Watch Party in Waretown (8:15pm)

Sunday Jan 17th 2016 Candidates Debate Watch Parties & other campaign events:





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