Tuesday before Chris Christie’s State of the State – Pesky Facts Outside on Statehouse Steps

Tomorrow, Chris Christie deigns to stop by to deliver the annual State of the State Address at 3pm. If you’re not there sucking up the BS in person, NJTV will cover it on their air and website. Christie will be pitching his speech right over your heads to Republicans in Iowa and (particularly) New Hampshire, so expect some serious spinning. Unlikely there will be straight talk about what’s really going on here – record 9 credit downgrades, pension, sluggish economic recovery despite astronomical corporate welfare, huge pension-funding gap, high property taxes despite his campaign promises, Transportation Trust Fund staggering.

So, to provide some pesky facts Christie will no doubt ignore, some of the people who do good work in NJ will be outside the Statehouse to remind the governor of some pesky facts.

ChristieSoS2016Flyer FINAL

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WHO:  People from NJ Working Families, Clean Water ActionLatino Action Network, NJ Citizen Action, NJ Policy Perspective, the Parents Education Organizing Council, AFSCME, CWA, NJEA, Workers United SEIU, Sierra Club NJ, National Organization for Women NJ, Save Our Schools March NJ, and the New Jersey Organizing Project, who will be talking about Christie’s Sandy recovery failings.

 WHEN:  Tuesday, January 12 at 1:00pm

 WHERE:  Statehouse steps – 125 W State St

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