Poor Chris Christie, the dog ate his homework

And he just can’t keep up.

Hat-tip to Senator Loretta Weinberg here, who Facebook posted this by Washington Post writer Michael S. Rosenwald: Chris Christie refuses to sign bill to roll back controversial smart gun lawWeinberg posted a link to the story with the comment,

so his reason was we sent him too many bills!

Well, it’s true. There were a lot of bills. But this isn’t exactly Governor Christie’s first rodeo. And the Christie front office’s complaint (more of that complaint here) reads like a governor who wasn’t monitoring lame duck or even reading the newspapers enough to expect what was coming to his desk.

But more than that. Weinberg’s revamped smart gun bill – updated to require only that dealers carry at least one smart gun in their inventory 3 years after they’re on the market, and without the mandate that proved counter-productive – started moving back through the Legislature more than two months ago, was passed by the Senate more than a month ago, was advanced out of committee in the Assembly in early January and by January 11th was headed to his desk. Come on, even if the Legislature gave Christie more homework to do than he wanted, this particular bill has been national news for months. Christie knew what changes were being made to Weinberg’s earlier smart gun law well in advance and he knew why.

Weinberg offered – as long ago as 2014 – to repeal her earlier 2002 law, which made smart guns mandatory in NJ, if the NRA agreed to back off their obstructionist tactics. She says she got no response from them on the offer. Let’s remember that the aim of this legislation, with solid research and engineering behind it, is to prevent people from getting their heads blown off by accident – including children – and as a guard against disaster in case the gun is stolen or wrestled away from its owner.

But Christie, his head elsewhere for quite a while now, complained through his office about the work load legislators sent him and let the smart gun bill slide, among many that he pocket vetoed. And I guess it’s a good thing Weinberg never heard a peep from NRA on her offer to get the 2002 bill off the books, because Christie’s action failure to act means that 2002 bill, which as the senator points out is “much more stringent” stays on the book.

This Republican governor wasn’t ever going to go thumbs up on any bill with the word gun in it, not when the professional misinterpreters of the Second Amendment exercise so much mind control on the GOP primary electorate. And yes, the legislature sent Gov. Christie a lot of bills to act on, or fail to act. But despite front office whining, he knew this was coming.

Remind me – Why are we paying a full-time salary to this part-time failure of a governor?



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