NJ PBA Pres to NH Police: Chris Christie didn’t prevent crime, he committed it

If you’re a law enforcement official and thinking about supporting Chris Christie, the head of the New Jersey State Policemen’s Benevolent Association President Patrick Colligan has some strong words about why you should think twice:

In his association’s open letter to New Hampshire police and uniformed officers, the 24-year veteran of the Franklin Township police accused Christie of actually committing, not preventing, crime. The governor “diverted our increased pension contributions to offset other spending in the state budget. He called it ‘property tax relief,'” Colligan wrote. “As you know, when one person takes money promised by law for one reason and uses it for something completely different, we call it fraud.”

And instead of taking even one step back from those words, Colligan says he welcomes anyone around the country to call him or his members for the rest of the story:

“If he’s going to walk around this country and say he still enjoys the support of law enforcement,” Colligan said, “then I invite anybody from anywhere else in the country to call a New Jersey police officer and ask them what they think of Gov. Chris Christie.”

One can only hope Colligan and his members get the calls they’re asking for before people cast their vote in early primary and caucus states.

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  1. Nick Lento

    And lets not ever forget. The time Christie drove the wrong way up a one way street then struck a motorcyclist putting him in the hospital and was not issued a ticket!!!


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