News Roundup & Open Thread for Tuesday, Jan. 19, 2016

FLOTUS, Just ignore: this guy isn’t exactly a model of good health. Christie: Michelle Obama has ‘no business’ caring what kids eat for lunch.

Christie is candidate about marital problems in Matt Katz’s new book.

Bush raises on Christie’s turf.

Shakespeare aside, evidence doesn’t match Christie’s claim he ended Common Core.

Time: Christie says Marco Rubio can’t handle Hillary Clinton.

Ledger editorial calls Christie a “liar” and a “hypocrite” trying to have a ‘fake bar fight with the President’.


Tougher new law for cleaning up Port Authority on way from NJ Dems.

CD5: DCCC’s Rep. Ben Ray Lujan calls the Gottheimer race a ‘priority for the DCCC’.

The Casino Windfall is Dead. Long Live Atlantic City! Part VII in a series by Bill Orr. 

Sweeney: Bayonne opposition to Islamic center ‘disgraceful’; mayor ’embarrassed’

This is going to get ugly. Atlantic City church leaders fight state takeover. And AC’s mayor calls takeover ‘absolutely senseless’.

Tutors and touchdowns: Rutgers is spending a disproportionate amount of money on tutors for its athletes.

Dr. King would be horrified by the condition of NJ elections.

What you need to know about NJ’s expanded tax credit. 

Dr. King would be proud. Thanks are due those who stood up for low-wage airport workers Monday. Arrested included Working Families’ Analilia Mejia, 32BJ SEIU’s Kevin Brown and Newark Deputy Mayor Rahaman Muhammad.

Raise the minimum wage for NY/NJ airport workers to $15/hour says Cuomo.

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