Morning News Roundup & Open Thread for Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2016

#FightFor15: Milly Silva of SEIU 1199, which includes NY & NJ, makes the case for raising the minimum wage (video)

Pension crisis & how to fix it: NJ Senate Dems policy director Mark Magyar makes the case for passing a constitutional amendment to require the state to make regular quarterly pension payments.

On guns: Obama is “Yes we can” and Christie is “No we can’t”.

Loretta Weinberg, author of NJ’s smart gun law, on Obama’s executive action urging federal agencies to study technology improving gun safety – a “bold step” and a perfect complement to New Jersey smart gun legislation. lists 5 ways Obama’s gun measures will affect NJ.  And reports on how other NJ leaders are reacting to Obama’s speech and gun orders.

Here is what the U.S. Attorney General wants from Christie on guns.

State shuts door on Guadagno pension fund probe but questions remain.

admin_photoDemocrats, Get Ready to Lead: When Dems do the right things for bad reasons.

Wisniewski won’t pick between Alex Law & Don Norcross. Wiz’ endorsement of Bernie Sanders doesn’t extend to Law, the young challenger to George Norcross’ gift of a congressional seat to his brother, who endorsed Sanders early.

With casino bills still poison in South Jersey some blame Christie’s absence.

No more “God Bless America.” Glenview Elementary School in Haddon Heights ends recitation of the phrase following ACLU challenge.

Stile: Campaign goal for Christie is to stay on the attackThis week, Candidate Christie beefs up his campaign staff, adding six.

Pleading guilty: Newark Watershed official and contractor admit roles in bribery scheme.

3 brothers convicted of plotting against Fort Dix now say they never agreed to kill anyone at the base, that the primary advocate for a terrorist action was an FBI informant.

Solomeno running: Vincent Solomeno is seeking the Democratic nomination for Monmouth Surrogate. Vincent, 30, is a Captain in the NJ Army National Guard, a Fulbright Scholar, and member of the Hazlet Township Land Use Board. He is also a former Blue Jersey staff writer.

Prieto & Sweeney split over revenue sources for the TTF.

Associated Press takes apart Christie claims he was responsible for as “two of the biggest terrorism cases in the world” with pesky facts.

Acting Treasurer’s final approval still pending while state budget battle looms.

Wow this is cold: Politicker suggests Martin O’Malley is “embarrassing himself” staying in the presidential race, that Wisniewski’s endorsement of Sanders and not him should be his wake up call to get the hell out.


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