Loretta Weinberg coming on CNN 3:30pm: On Obama’s Gun Executive Orders & NJ Smart Gun Legislation

Senator Loretta Weinberg, sponsor of smart gun legislation which may find new life following President Obama’s executive actions on guns, is headed into NYC to appear on CNN Newsroom Weekend with Poppy Harlow today. She’ll be talking about technology that can save the lives of innocent people and about POTUS’ words and actions this week ago following so many gun deaths and mass shootings. Details:

Senator Loretta Weinberg  on CNN Newsroom Weekend with Poppy Harlow – 3:30pm segment

I asked the senator her thoughts on Obama’s action and what she might talk about today:

Weinberg_Loretta_2015“I am delighted that the president included a push for research and development into smart gun technology as part of his executive order on gun safety. It fits right in with the change in New Jersey’s childproof handgun law that I’m hoping will be passed in the assembly on Monday.” I’ve been working for a long time to find the resources and away around the NRA’s stubborn getting in the way of the development of this technology. The president has answered that with his bold initiatives.”

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