Feel for Hurricane Sandy families still suffering? Stand with them at Chris Christie’s State of the State Address

Next week, Gov. Chris Christie will deign to make a brief appearance here in the state paying him a full-time salary and picking up a million-dollar chunk of his campaign costs. He is required to deliver a State of the State Address, though clearly someone will have to prep him.

Waiting for him, as they are still waiting for relief and the promises made by him for Sandy recovery, will be members of the New Jersey Organizing Project. They point out that last year, the fleece-clad governor who built his national street cred on a tragedy they still suffer from, didn’t mention it at all in last year’s address. They want to remind him, and I don’t blame them. If you want to join them –

When: Tuesday January 12th 12:00pm – 2:30pm –  Where: NJ State House 125 W. State St. Trenton – RSVP on Facebook Here. 

Here’s what they want (in NJOP’s words):

  1. Stop foreclosures on Sandy families:  We’re counting down to January 31st, which is the time limit the Governor has to sign the bill to help Sandy families afford to get home and avoid foreclosure.  Every. Day. Counts.  Imagine struggling this hard to get home only to have the bank come and take it from you?
  2. Extend rental assistance and help families hang on:  Families are starting to run out of the nine-month rental assistance the state provided and still aren’t home.  We have to help them hang on, not fall through the cracks again.
  3. Set the Record Straight:  The Governor tells the press that 365,000 homes were “significantly damaged or completely destroyed in Sandy” and that since less than 2% of those people are still not home, he’s done an okay job.  There is NO substantiation for this claim(2).  In fact, 40,500 homes were significantly damaged or destroyed, and 70% of the people in the state’s biggest program to help homeowners rebuild are still not home!  Much less impressive record when you tell the truth, but we’ve got to be there to get the truth out.





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  1. Frederick John LaVergne

    I intend to take the train up to Hamilton Station and walk in from there – stopping at a few local supporters (outside the district, but still supporters). I expect to be there before noon. I am NOT coming to speak. I am coming to LISTEN. For right now, I would prefer NOT to be near the cameras, but look forward to hearing from you, and only wish the crowd were going to be smaller, because more were already “home”. I read the three things you’re fighting for. I would add one or two – primarily referring to audit and investigation of the actions of both the government agencies, the private adjusters, and the primary and secondary insurers. I will also be meeting with several elected folks from a few of the affected communities with a proposal for gap funding options not dissimilar from how some communities handled financial burdens on their citizens during the great Depression. I am absolutely NOT coming to campaign, give drop quotes, etc. This is YOUR event. I support your fight, and always have. Some of you already know this well. Stand for what’s right, or settle for what’s left. FJL

    1. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

      For those who may not know, Frederick John LaVergne is running for Congress in CD3.


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