Democratic Debate Night Weekend News Roundup & Open Thread for Jan. 16-17, 2016

Tonight 9pm: Democratic Presidential Debate, hosted by NBC. Coverage begins 8pm. Also: &

More like him, please: Jersey City boy, 15, wants to lower voting age for local races.

Justice Marie L. Garibaldi 1934-2016. Shatterer of Glass Ceilings

CD5: Garrett defends his stance on marriage, denies bias against gays, cites his religious beliefs. Time for him to go.

CD1 Dem Primary: Camden County Clerk’s office called Norcross-challenger Alex Law a liar. They didn’t count on him having a recording proving they were the ones lying.

CD7: Another challenge to Rep. Leonard Lance’s right, but this time David Larsen is buoyed by the anti-establishment surges in his party. Attendee pull quote from Larsen’s kickoff? “If I see someone with a towel on his head, I shoot him.”  

Protected: Bridgegate prosecutor: Unindicted co-conspirators names’ should be kept secret for now

$$ Big numbers $$: See how much Menendez spent on legal bills to fight indictment.

Gun control bill that nearly beat Christie getting second life?

Saudino leaves GOP. Bergen County Sheriff Michael Saudino announces his switch to the Democratic Party

Sen. Kevin O’Toole will not seek reelection.




Giving Obama his due: Take this New York Times piece by Timothy Egan as antidote to all the debate night GOP BS about Obama’s record.

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