Chris Christie Debate Lies – In Easily-Digestable Form, Courtesy Rachel Maddow

Star Ledger and Rachel Maddow did all the heavy lifting here. Nice job corralling Christie on truthiness. In case you missed it all this busy 3-day weekend

New Jersey readers, who lived through it all, are already familiar with how much of what Chris Christie trots out to fresh, gullible GOP primary voters is bullcrap. We’re our own Christie truth-o-meter here, and even our most obdurate editorialists are now routinely calling the governor a liar. And the BS came hot and heavy in Thursday’s GOP debate from South Carolina. Chris Christie’s hometown press did a great job reality-checking Christie’s debate claims here: Fact checking Christie in 2016 Republican Presidential Debate, unpacking Christie’s actual record on: Sonia Sotomayo. Planned Parenthood. Gun control. Syrian refugees. Common Core. The Planned Parenthood deception particularly tripped him up last week; When the Ledger posted a 1994 quote from him saying he’d donated to Planned Parenthood, Christie tried to deny it. The reporter who wrote that 1994 piece? He’s now Chris Christie’s spokesman, who of course Christie immediately threw under the bus. Way to be a man, and own up to the truth, Gov. Christie. Way to take one for the team, former reporter Brian Murray.

Now, it’s been a busy 3-day weekend. Maybe you want to make sure your uncles and aunts in Iowa, New Hampshire and the rest of America know what you know about our governor. The Ledger’s already made it pretty easy. But know who makes it even easier? Rachel Maddow. This is Maddow from this weekend. Who do you need to send it to?


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