Supreme Court upholds local assault weapons ban! Now NJ municipalities should follow their lead

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Our Congress has failed us. They have seen countless acts of violence against citizens of our country and have done nothing to protect us from these domestic terrorists. It is time for cities, towns and villages in New Jersey and across the country to use all available options.

We should be proud that New Jersey is one of the few States that has a similar ban on assault weapons to the one enacted in Highland Park, Illinois. However, included in the Highland Park ordinance is a ban on large capacity magazines that can hold more than ten bullets. The New Jersey Legislature tried to enact similar legislation in 2014 to reduce the maximum capacity of ammunition magazines but was met with a veto by our Governor.

Thanks to the Supreme Court ruling, I am happy to let you know that we have several strong leaders in District 38 that are now looking into ordinances that would effectively overturn the Governor’s veto of this legislation (A2006/S993). These strong leaders are Councilwomen Amy Martin (Glen Rock)), Florence Mazzer (Saddle Brook), Maria Elena Bellinger (Paramus), Ora Kornbluth (Bergenfield), Lisa Swain (Fair Lawn), Ellen Busteed (River Edge), Councilwomen-elect Hedy Grant (New Milford) & Tracy Schoenberg (Oradell). Hopefully we can get other local elected officials involved. Congress can’t act, our Governor is talking to Iowa or NH voters, so it’s up to us.

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