Oh, thank goodness – the Republicans are “praying” for #SanBernadino. So I guess we’re covered.

feministastic has this Instagram today after the #SanBernadino shootings. Then, below, Candidate Christie & Trump weigh in:


Bush. Carson. Cruz. And none of them, at least today, has anything more solid to say than lets everybody pray. We don’t get much more from frontrunner @realDonald Trump, who interrupted his steady stream of cheering Muslims in New Jersey drivel to say the shooting looks bad (yes), “God bless” and he appreciates the police. Really not much leadership there, or on the pink side of this graph.

So I went to Christie’s Twitter. Found the same damn thing: He’s “praying”. Well, that’s lovely. But a better response came at Christie from the first reply: @GovChristie Prayer with no action. #coward 

But – ah ha! – I scroll down and find video of Christie saying the safety of Americans has to be put first! Surely that’s his statement on mass shootings! Nope. He was talking about the outside terrorism, not the many instances of Americans who go shooting at humans that sicken us with their frequency:


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