Not NJ – You’re the Republican Party, and You Need Racists to Win National Elections.

Connect a couple of dots for me, internet.

Trump has carved his niche as the racist candidate. Glenn Beck thinks he’s a racist. White power groups are emboldened and are speaking out as some of his fiercest supporters. In fact, “top” racists are flocking to Trump like flies to shit and Trump won’t say word one about it. To the contrary, he’s building his candidacy around xenophobia and fear mongering. At this point, it’s a “yuge” piece of his who he is.

Concurrently, we have the GOP freakout in full effect. Here’s a numbers breakdown which explains just how the GOP establishment can box out Trump and pick their own King of Shit Mountain. But it’s not clear that a brokered convention would solve the problem of the broader unspoken truth coming to the fore – that is, the GOP needs Trump Racists to vote for their Republican candidates. It’s not that the GOP is dominated by racism – it’s simple the fact that Trump now gives cover to those Republican voters who also just happen to distrust dark skin and “Moslems,” and that those people will follow Trump away from the GOP.  Politico reported today that one Republican insider called the prospect of an Independent Trump “Ross Perot on steroids.” Some say it’s an unlikely scenario, but then again, many people can’t believe Trump got this far in the first place.

But it doesn’t matter.

Because there’s a big, soul-crushing question that the GOP needs to ask itself. You know, since we can all see what’s happening right before our eyes. And that is, are Republicans content with having to rely on the votes of xenophobes and racists in order to win general national elections? It goes well beyond the notion of representing Americans no matter their beliefs. It goes to the core of what you’re willing to say, support, and do in order to gain and keep power. Ross Perot’s appeal came from his distinctive economic perspective. Trump’s appeal is based on building walls and pulling pages from Hitler’s playbook. (Good lord, how I wish that last sentence was hyperbole.)

They’re the Republican Party, and they need racists to win national elections. And Trump is putting it all out there for everyone to see. For the GOP establishment, there has been no better time than now to clean house and tell their racist constituents to fuck off. Because, as noted above, the Republican Party needs racists to win general national elections.

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